Summer, Fall and um…Growth

God I suck at this. It’s not that I have no talent or ideas…just no stick-to-it-ive-ness. No, I do not do well with commitment. Hell, I don’t even like to read a book series. As much as I love to read, I don’t want to commit to 6 or, God forbid, 12 to get to the finale. Trust me, I have plenty bouncing around in my head to write about I just…oh I’d rather scroll on facebook or look up recipes to try or ya know…eat. Yeah, cause I have gained some weight over the summer. Aren’t people’s appetites supposed to decrease over the summer? I’m thinking they are. But guess what??? Right again, not me. My booty has grown exponentially over the summer and it’s a good thing thick is in because I have no desire to stop it from taking over and creating a space of it’s own. And trust me when your booty gets oh so big people clear a path for it.

Not from lunges however. More like baked potatoes.

Anyway, my butt really has nothing to do with this blog. And let me just say before the supermarket tabloids get a hold of my commitorum metus and run with it like a star QB on an October lit field, I have no challenge in committing to my family or spouse, at least, not anymore.

However in my absence on WP I still was somewhat busy this summer. I raised a garden, canned and preserved a passel of fruits and veggies (my tomatoes produced bumper crops, though my zucchini petered out after producing only 3 squash) and I learned a thing or two about landscaping.

I did not read one book, nor did I take one single vacay, but I did help replace the floor in my utility room and I, yes I, constructed a flagstone patio complete with its own flowerbed and fountain. I’m quite proud of that.

This was before clean up, excuse the mess.





I hope you all had a great summer and are as ready for fall as am I.
Fall is a second chance before winter bolts it’s door. It is football, festivals, caramel corn, chili, stew and soups, baking, and caramel apples. Fall always gives me the feeling of young love, high school, a life on the verge of everything. The anticipation of something wonderful…

Love and Fall always give me butterflies.

And we are never too old for butterflies.


You’ll Be There

In this life I wandered.

Realizing where was my home.

Naught for love or friendship,

The task was portioned alone.

I searched ne’er to find another penny in the mire

And so I will save my affections to someday be retired.

I shall wait at the gate

to see your face,

and show you around,

holding your hand and pointing,

speaking without a sound.

There we’ll be neighbors

having mansions of our own.

I will see you toss pebbles at my windowsill,

and giggle ever so softly

hearkening to your song.

If God allows me, awaken you

to behold your sleepy eyes,

lie beside you quietly and watch the sun to rise.

So I charge you, meet me,

And darling, don’t tarry long

Eternity is on the horizon,

God planned for us all along.



A New Perspective For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has always been a tough holiday for me due to the loss of my mother at such an early age. For me, it was a cruel yearly reminder that she wasn’t here anymore.  God blessed me as a mother of 2 handsome boys; still I found it difficult to get out of bed. Many times I didn’t get out of bed. God had blessed me so richly, yet I chose to dwell on the absence of one, rather than the presence of so many.

God, knowing my heart and the pain I always felt on Mother’s Day, with his love took it and made it new again. He blessed me once again, and he revealed to me many of my blessings I had taken for granted, all in one day, and it was on Mother’s Day weekend.

She was a tiny baby, weighing only 6lbs 1 oz. As I lay there in my hospital bed with all my family gathered adoring my beautiful daughter, I realized just how much God loved me. I have an amazing family; brothers, sisters, father, children, husband, stepmom, mother in law, sisters in law, “adopted” grandma, nieces, nephews. At the center of it all, there she was, all swaddled up tight, and as pretty as she could be.  What more could I ask? My hospital room, my heart, and my cup runneth over!

Darrah Jo named after my mother and born six years ago today!

You can bet my mom was also in the room that day, if not in spirit, she was in my heart!

Happy Birthday, Miss Darrah! You are a treasure, and I love you!


Carrot tops and mud pies



I have missed you all.

I took a sabbatical. (My sabbaticals are always for someone else’s sake and never for my own rest).  During that time I had to take on an insurance company single-handedly (just kidding I hired a lawyer) to make them pay my son’s medical bills from a car accident he was involved in. Now that I kicked their ass back in line and handed my son his well-deserved pain and suffering check *dusts off hands* I am ready to blog again.


I have also planted my vegetable garden, put in another small flower garden and straightened my existing flower beds into ship shape. I am happiest when I am outside digging in the dirt so needless to say I am a happy little woman right now with all my dirty projects.

We built a raised bed garden that is approximately 8′ w x 16′ l.  We started out with a rich manure compost donated to us by our local Vo-Ag teacher at the high school and filled it to the brim with rich garden soil manufactured by Miracle Grow.

In the vegetable garden, I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, green bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, zucchini, crooked neck squash, jalapeno peppers, radishes, lettuce, green onion and Vidalia onions and carrots(the carrots are my daughter’s project). I also threw in some sweet basil, peas, and sage for the sake of companion planting. While planting my garden I have learned so much. I learned about composting which I am now also doing, compost tea (a task I am also undertaking starting tomorrow (I’ll let you know how it works)), and companion planting (which I also did as mentioned above).


This sort of thing is loads of fun for me and my daughter seems to love it as well which is a major bonus as I have a little help and a whole lot of company and while we are in the garden together we are making lasting memories together and a few mud pies.

I will be posting pictures, charting progress (hopefully) and any and all helpful advice is appreciated as I am a novice at growing vegetables. Flowers I have a knack for but the veggies are new to me. Thanks for reading hope you are having a fabulous spring.




New Artwork

I’m quite proud of my new pastime and thought I would share it with you all. Hope you enjoy it.




He’s supposed to be smirking.




And my latest, which is also by far my best… Maya Angelou. I sketched this while listening to the audio book “I know why the caged bird sings”

Thoughts stirred by Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”

There is a moment in every book (or should be) that you stop and breathe in a character and somewhere in your mind you try to cram your foot into the shoe of their literary existence. For me, in Beloved, it was a woman mentioned in the story whose name I don’t remember, truthfully, I don’t know if the writer named her at all in the story, but her shoes, they were binding and they uncomfortably portrayed the hole of shame in humanity.

“It’s just my body” I heard her whisper to her husband. “My heart will never leave you.” A tear rolled down my cheek.

She was forced to chose between having sex with her “master” or have her husband die to keep her from it. “And if you die, who will I come home to?” The idea of it; “home” being a place where you had to choose between your husbands life or being taken sexually by a vile man who had no reverence for you as a person but who examined your animal characteristics in a column that is aligned without any glimmer of hope for a world absent of iron bits, metal collars, stolen milk, cherry trees in bloom, and handsaws dripping in blood at the hand of a desperate mother’s preservation in her child’s freedom from it.

Beloved is a Pulitzer Prize winner and Toni Morrison gives voice to a bruise on America’s humanity that should never be swept under sleeves and lace to camouflage or ice over the scar it left behind. We must never forget places called “Sweet Home” that were anything but sweet, where God’s eyes saw us and rather than the superiority that was in many a plantation mirror, He beheld our repulsive high-mindedness and granted justice to the chains and shackles that would be busted wide open by the blood of an entire nation.

Beloved and books like it stand as a reminder that freedom from slavery is not only freedom from the shackles that bound a nation but also the chains that bind the human mind in racism of every kind.

Let us never forget the places we have come from so that we will never return to walk the road of racism that leads us into the world of the slavery or the mindset of it again.


Just a little break…

Link up with the  Weekend Coffee Share and join in the fun.

Come in. Have a seat. Would you like some coffee or sweet iced tea?

My week has been a bit crazy and I have had to discern a few things I didn’t like but I am thankful for the discernment God gave me and the conclusions I have drawn.

Speaking of drawing. My daughter and I found an instructional youtube channel that we have been watching/using to learn to expand our artistic skills. We have sketched everything from Strawberry Shortcake to Olaf. It is quite fun and I have found that I have an artistic side I have yet to explore and so does my daughter. I also found another channel to use for beginner to advanced artwork. At any rate it is a lot of fun and  is a great stress reliever, which I need right now.



(^^This last picture is unfinished as I am having some issues with the eyelashes but is still not bad considering I went from cartoon characters to more realistic artwork.)

Yesterday’s weather was quite gloomy and chilly but today isn’t the sun shining beautifully? Nice to have a couple of beautiful days off to spend with the family and of course with you as well.

I am reading the novel “Beloved” by Toni Morrison and wow, it is heavy but has as much of my attention as possible right now.

I have been quite grumpy this week because I feel as if I am wearing the weight of the world on my shoulders and just refuse to set any of it down for a moment. (It is a curse. My mind never stops.)

I hope that you have had a great week. Sorry to cut this short but I have miles to go before I sleep.

Be well and many blessings to each of you.



There Goes The Rug

Just when you think you are getting it all together someone pulls the rug out from under you. I won’t go into great detail about this…yet… but I will say insurance companies are evil. This is why I have been MIA for the last week.

Insurance companies like to portray their neighborly hospitality but really they only want your money and then when you expect what is due you they attempt to screw you. Well I have enough shitty neighbors already, tyvm.

Anyway I will continue to be MIA until this matter is resolved via litigation. I hope you all have a great week and hopefully I will be able to steal away long enough to read some of my favorite bloggers blurbs from time to time.

Hopefully I will be back for Easter.

#WeekendCoffeeShare 3/5/16

If we were having coffee/tea/hot chocolate I would tell you I finished two books and have started another. I read Beth Moore’s Audacious, I also finished Elements of Eloquence and now I am reading Ruby by Cynthia Bond and as one reviewer said of the book “This one ain’t farting rainbow unicorns, boys and girls.” It is a tale thick with prose of voodoo, rape, incest, lynchings, and an evil presence. It is not a book for everyone, but I am engrossed in it.

My son started working with me this week and he is doing quite well.

Princess went to her last gymnastics class for the season. Classes will resume after Spring Break. She said she wanted to take a break from that gymnastics academy and try a new one. I am in agreement with her.

I bought a new movie yesterday called “Old Fashioned” and I loved it. It is about a man who at one time was very wild and came to know the Lord and changed his wild ways. Some of the rules and theories he keeps for himself are very backward and strict however his motive is pure. I won’t give away any spoilers as you may want to see it for yourself but it is a great movie.

I have done nothing, absolutely nothing in the way of furthering the work on my flower beds. I have been lazy. Though, we have been walking at the cemetery every day. Princess likes it. Guess I am going to have to work the vegetable garden by myself. No one else seems to be interested in getting started.:/

I am talking too much because my coffee is getting cold. How was your week? Did you do anything fun? This beautiful weather we have been having causes us all to get outside and enjoy it doesn’t it?

It is supposed to rain most of the week next week, I was told. I have plenty to read though.

Thanks for stopping by, I had a really nice time. Hope you did too.🙂


The exorcism

And so you return to pursue me.

I recall that I cast you out,

Rid you from my life.

Yet you declare I am your dwelling place.

No, I bid you depart from the shadow of my spirit.

You shan’t lurk at my door

Making yourself at home through the slightest breach of its foundation.

It is inevitable that you endeavor to return to a once comfortable home

Though I have ripped your space from it.

Bygone is your welcome.

Peace replaces the torment of your presence.

Take your fondness for me and leave me my peaceful habitation.

The haunting has settled and there is no capacity for your malignant spirit.

Go back now into the abyss from whence you came

And I dare not cast a glance upon the sound of your steps.